Relaxed, intelligent but not pretentious, attentive, energized to spark your imagination, immaculate, and reliable

Brand Zeitgeist

As the execution of our brand promise is continually energized by the actions of our service professionals, we call it our “Zeitgeist”.


The Spirit of the Moment

We, the service professionals of Solís Hotels and Resorts, are committed to be:

By delivering products and services that are timely, immaculate and defect-free.

By honoring our guests with caring, sincere, respectful and spirited service.

By creating sophisticated and unique experiences in a warm, comfortable and distinctive setting.

By engaging and delighting our guests, valuing their personal time and contributing to their “feeling well”.

Brand Overview

Solís Hotels and Resorts are where travelers can feel at home. Where they are welcomed, as if to a friend’s home. Where they remember which room they like. Which newspaper they prefer. Solís is sophisticated without being formal, worldly without being pretentious and, yes, luxurious, but individually and comfortably so. In short, our emphasis is on timeless values, not what happens to be trendy at the moment.

Solís customers look to live a "fuller" life, whether traveling for business or pleasure. They value authentic local experiences and seek oportunities to explore cultures whether through cuisine, cultural activities or local escapades.

Solís hotels provide opportunities to experience local cultures whether through cuisine, cultural activities, or local escapades. Urban adventures also include shopping, jazz clubs, culinary tours; outdoor adventures include skiing, archeology expeditions, fishing, hunting, and scuba diving.

Solís hospitality products represent a new evolution in 5-star accommodations and compete for group and independent traveler business. They provide memorable service in worldy, relaxed environments, and are the preferred destination for frequent patrons of luxury hotels.

Typically, Solís Hotels and Resorts offer:

  • A worldly and secure environment with all the facilities of a larger hotel
  • Warm, casual and relaxed interior designs that are in harmony with the local culture
  • Meeting space in accordance to local market and room count
  • Multiple food and beverage outlets, reflecting a “free-standing” fashionable concept
  • Fitness and Spa treatment facilities
  • Guestrooms are often coupled with a mixed-use residential component

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